Verification of the effectiveness of AZORHIZ + F inoculant fertilizer and AZOTER L foliar fertilizer in soybean crop – report on results observed in the pilot experiment from 2022

Evaluating the effect of soil treated with soil adjuvant (PPL) in the form of concentrated biological Azoter SC fertilizer (including fungal biocontrol agent Coniothyrum minitans) with a separate F additive (soil fungus Trichoderma atroviride) in the cultivation technology of winter oilseed rape

Verification of the effectiveness of AZOTER B+F soil bacteria fertilizer in the plant stand of maize for silage in the soil and climatic conditions of The Bohemian-Moravian Highlands

Report of results from semi-operational experiments from 2021 from soil treated with soil adjuvant (PPL) in the form of concentrated AZOTER B bacteria fertilizer (containing Pseudomonas putida bacteria) with separate additive F (Trichoderma atroviride parasitic fungus) for application of digestate from biogas plant in maize silage cultivation technology

Results of the soybean experiment in the season 2021

NATIONAL AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CENTRE RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF PLANT PRODUCTION   Your letter No/from Our No. Responsible/Contact Place, date Ing. Peter Hozlár, PhD., In Viglas 8.11.2021   Subject: Results of the semi-operational experiment with Azoter®.   National Agricultural and Food Centre, Research Institute of Plant Production,   Research and Breeding Station at Vígľaš-Pstruša  sends  the following…